Culver’s Tavern

The site is the present-day brownstone located at 812 Norfolk Street South, Simcoe.

During the War of 1812, Brock held a meeting on August 7th, 1812, at the tavern and home of William Culver in the Gore of Woodhouse for the purpose of recruiting volunteers for the Detroit expedition. The locals, disaffected with Colonel Talbot, did not heed his attempt to raise the local militia. In addition, they did not wish to abandon farms at harvest time or leave families unprotected. After Brock’s stirring speech, 173 volunteered to go with him to Detroit.
Later, in 1814, during Brigadier-General McArthur’s raid, the swarthy Kentuckians painted Culver’s Tavern a howling scarlet. They filled themselves with pioneer “budge” and turned everything inside out. After committing all the “deviltry” they could think of, they ‘borrowed’ Mrs. Culver’s favourite New Jersey horse and proceeded on their pillaging tour.

Posted from Ontario, Canada.

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