Dundas Street

Dundas Street (also known as the Governor’s Road and now Highway 5) was commissioned by John Graves Simcoe as a strategic land route between Dundas and Toronto. Trafalgar Township, Palermo and Munn’s Corner were based on Dundas Street. Many veterans of the War of 1812 settled on land along Dundas Street.

Using Dundas St. as a baseline, the land was divided into concessions 1 1/5 miles apart and into 200 acre lots and with a regulation sixty-six foot wide roadway. Settlers were obliged to clear five acres, fence in their lots, and build a house usually a log cabin made of the trees that were cut down. Trees would have to be cleared within one hundred feet of the road, and landowners were responsible for making improvements to the road.

Posted from Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

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