Old Stage Road

This road, which follows in part the Indian trail, known as the “DetroitPath”, across East Oxford Township, was opened by settlers at the expense of Major Thomas Ingersoll in 1796-97. It joined a wagon road opened acrossBurford Township by local settlers, connecting near Brant’s Ford on the GrandRiver with a road to Long Point from Ancaster. Extended later to Delaware, itbecame the preferred highway to Sandwich and was used by British and Americantroops in 1812-14. After 1826 it became the stage route from Ancaster to Londonuntil the building of the plank road from Brantford to Woodstock in 1842-3.Sections of the road are still open between Ingersoll and Cathcart.
Archaeological and HistoricSites Board of Ontario

Posted from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

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