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Route 1812 is an historic driving trail throughout Southern Ontario highlighting the historic sites and stories from the War of 1812. Through narration, storytelling, music, images and video, this mobile app will guide you along the original paths used during the war as you learn about the people who defended their homes against an invading army.

This loop of trails will lead you from Fort York through to Hamilton, Brantford, London, and all the way to Windsor down the Longwoods road as it merges with The Tecumseh Parkway. Linking to the Talbot Trail you will experience the destruction of the raiding parties through Elgin and Norfolk Counties and learn how the Grand River played an integral role during the war.

Route 1812 can be experienced over time and in sections. The route is comprised of many trails and paths, each with their own stories full of heroes, villains and the common folk defending their homes.

To make your journey a pleasant one, this mobile app also features the local restaurants, hotels and other attractions in the area as you travel throughout Southern Ontario.

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